Thursday, March 21, 2013

Problems of a Two Year Old

I'm not sure where to start with this whole blogging thing so let's just talk about what is going on at our house right now. After 3 solid months in underwear, we put our toddler back in diapers.

We have three beautiful children, ages 12, 2 and 9 months. The two year old, Wyatt,  is almost three, which is why we started potty training him back in December, 2012. We thought we were doing everything right but boy were we wrong.Wyatt seemed ready, he was exhibiting all the signs we were told to watch for. He seemed interested in the toilet, he didn't like being in a soiled diaper, and he was waking up dry after naps and even overnight.


Method number 1, leave your child to run around naked from the waist down. We did this. Dutifully, for three whole days Wyatt went pantless on my couch with the potty in one corner of the living room. The microwave timer set to go off every twenty minutes so that we could bribe/request/force his tushy on that potty. Failure.

Method number 2, by now the books all said to go ahead and put pants on, that your child should be toilet trained. Ha. We had trained ourselves to put Wyatt on the toilet at regular (though longer than 20 minute) intervals. We got pretty good at this over the next few months but if we forgot, or Wyatt drank more than usual, and every time he went number 2, it was Failure.

Method number 3, don't put him on the toilet in the hopes that he will start "initiating" this process. By this time a power struggle had set in and every bathroom trip had become a meltdown, throwdown battle. Maybe, we thought, he will just go on his own if we stop bugging him so much? Failure.

So here we are, back in diapers. I was not happy about it but Wyatt was. He's been the happiest I've seen him in three months. I didn't realize how stressful potty training could be, the problems of a two year old, eh?

Do you have any advice on how to start fresh next time we try to tackle this issue? How did potty training go at your house?


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