Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Years Resolutions

Way back in January (that seems so long ago now), I made a few New Year's resolutions to motivate myself into doing a few of those things I'd been meaning to do for a while but never seemed to start. They were:

1. ORGANIZE: Clean and de-clutter the house. I always clean in spurts. Life can be moving along at a pretty steady pace and everything seems normal. Then, all of a sudden, I announce that the state of my kitchen floor is absolutely disgusting and I can no longer live in this pig pen. When I really start to think about it, this meltdown has a lot more to do with my anxiety level than the mess. But for me, the two are so connected that I need to be aware I feel better with some small amount of organization to the toys that have now taken over 5 of the 11 shelves on my living room bookcases. Less mess = less stress.

2. HEALTH: Take control of my health beginning with the foods I feed my family every day. This is a huge one so I'm making small changes at a time. A this time, 3 months later, I'm extremely proud that I've cut out 95 percent of processed foods. Don't get me wrong, I love convenience food and I've let the occasional baloney sandwich pass my lips but its a whole lot better than before. If there was a line of freezer meals that fit my food goals I'd be in.

3. HANDMADE: This last one was kind of a last minute add-on. I've long been bothered with the excess stuff that fills my house (see resolution #1). I decided this year to give handmade gifts that hopefully show people how much I love them and that I put special thought into each gift. This probably wont make me very popular when my 12 year old has a tween party to go to. I may break the rules a little at times. Here are a couple photos of my completed gifts so far. I hope to share more of the details soon.


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